North West
The NWU is committed to functioning as a unitary, integrated, multi-campus university that enables equity, redress and globally competitive teaching and research across all three of our campuses. Our core activities, teaching-learning and research, are intertwined with community engagement and innovation in our eight faculties, most of which serve both distance and contact students. The NWU offers more than just an education: we offer people a place in the world. Academically, students benefit from great choice and flexibility, enabling them to fulfill their potential and start preparing for their careers. Through collaboration with other universities and institutions internationally, we are part of the global higher education community. Our internationalisation activities include student and staff exchange and cooperation in academic, research, cultural and sports matters. As we like to say in our University Anthem: “where the willow trees grow and the thorn tree spreads its shade, there you will grow in knowledge…”

Jobs at NWU

Job ID Job Title Created Expiry
P003213 nGAP Lecturer: Setswana 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
P003214 nGAP Lecturer: Creative Writing (Sesotho) 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
M001087 Lecturer (nGAP) Indigenous Knowledge Systems Centre 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
POSITION NUMBER: NEW Lecturer (nGAP) School of Law Undergraduate Studies 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
POSITION NUMBER: NEW Lecturer/Junior Lecturer (nGAP) School for Geo and Spatial Sciences 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
P003217 Lecturer nGAP, Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (Seece) 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
P001000 Lecturer nGAP Industrial Engineering 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
P003212 Lecturer nGAP Economic Sciences 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
M001136 Lecturer in Mathematics (nGAP) 15-04-2024 26-04-2024
P002238 Senior Programmer in Education 12-05-2022 31-05-2022
P001444 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education & Training 12-05-2022 31-05-2022
V000359 Associate Professor / Professor: Education 12-05-2022 31-05-2022
P001522 Senior Lecturer - Economic and Management Services 06-09-2021 10-09-2021
M000366.2 Senior Lecturer (Public Law) 06-09-2021 10-09-2021
M000366.1 Senior Lecturer / Lecturer (Criminal Law And/Or Procedure) 06-09-2021 10-09-2021
P001047 Senior Lecturer/ Associate Professor/ Professor: Creative Writing 06-09-2021 12-09-2021
N001510 Executive Dean Law 06-04-2021 14-04-2021