Job Details

  • Reference number: AP962
  • Province: Gauteng
  • Type of engagement: Permanent appointment
  • Posted: September 10th

Background to Position

To provide leadership and strategic direction regarding Unisa’s infrastructure in the form of its buildings, grounds, facilities, printing and logistics and protection and security services in accordance with relevant legislation and in alignment with the Institution’s Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) 2016-2030 strategy.

This position is responsible for three distinctive disciplines - Print Production, Supply and Distribution; University Estates; and Protection and Security Services.

Job Description


·         Strategy Development, Implementation and Governance

  1.   Providing input into the University’s overall strategy.
  2.   Providing strategic direction and monitor the achievement of the Portfolio’s strategy aligned to the overall       ODeL 2016-2030 strategy
  3.  Overseeing the development, implementation and review of the Portfolio’s strategy, plans, policies,   procedures, practices, processes and systems.
  4.  Providing strategic direction to the development of the Portfolio’s annual performance review as is required   by the Department of Higher Education Training (DHET).
  5.  Providing strategic leadership in the development and the continuous evaluation of short, medium and long-   term strategic financial objectives of the university.
  6.  Providing leadership in developing strategies and business models to optimise the opportunities that exist for third stream revenue.
  7.  Providing strategic leadership in directing and overseeing the Institution’s Estates, Print Production, Supply   and Distribution and Safety and Security risk-management programme.
  8.  Providing strategic direction through integrated planning and resource allocation to ensure the achievement   of strategic objectives of UNISA.
  9.  Reporting on progress against strategic initiatives
  10.  Participating in Institutional governance structures
  11. Engaging the UNISA Council Finance, Investment and Estates Committee, as well as the Audit and Enterprise Risk Management Committee around issues, trends, and changes in the Estates, Print and Logistics and safety and security operating model(s) and operational delivery
  12. Overseeing and reporting on legislative and statutory compliance as defined by government and relevant professional bodies
  13. Providing strategic leadership on contract negotiations from an Estates, Print and Logistics and safety and security impact perspective.
  14. Establishing efficient workflows and business processes to meet the need of Estates, Print Production, Supply and Distribution and Safety and Security information of multiple internal and external stakeholders.
  15. Preparing materials and presenting, as necessary, Estates, Print Production, Supply and Distribution and Safety and Security information to Unisa governance structures or relevant committees.

         Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Managing the strategic relationships and networks with internal and external stakeholders
  2. Overseeing, monitoring, evaluating operations and reporting to internal and external stakeholders 

·         People Management

1.    Implement Talent Management throughout the portfolio:

a.    Talent identification and development

b.    Performance management

c.     Succession Planning

d.    Ensuring an ODeL competent workforce

      2.   Leading, mentoring and empowering employees within the Portfolio to promote performance, optimal                  working environment and cost-effective operations.

      3.   Guiding and influencing strategic leadership in embedding the values and desired culture of the Institution          in line with the Transformation Charter and ODeL 2016-2030 Strategy.

      4.   Embedding sustainability through a green Institution-wide culture.

      5.  Driving a high-performance culture by taking accountability for an effective and well-articulated performance       management process.

      6.  Ensuring the resourcing of the Portfolio through recruitment and filling of positions to meet the operational           requirements of the institution.

      7.  Promoting the positive employee relations and climate through employee engagement within the Portfolio.

      8.  Fostering an organisational culture and climate that is ethics and value driven.

  •            Operational Excellence

1.   Providing leadership regarding the operations of the Portfolio, which includes:

a.    Print Production, Supply and Distribution

b.    University Estates (Facilities Management)

c.     Protection and Security Services

Providing strategic leadership regarding the effective planning and management of buildings and construction services and projects as well as the maintenance of buildings and all electrical / mechanical services to ensure a safe and acceptable working environment in compliance with national building and occupational health and safety regulations.

  1.   Providing strategic leadership regarding the effective planning and management of space and parking, conferencing services, the landscaping and maintenance of the grounds, pest control and the management of waste.

2.   Providing strategic leadership regarding the infrastructure development, the acquisition and disposal of immovable property, leasing of properties, and the management and maintenance of the buildings, grounds and facilities of the Institution and its campuses and Regional Centres.

3.   Steering and overseeing the development of the Campus/Property Master Plan and ensuring that the plan is affordable and is aligned with the University’s space requirements, business needs and long term strategic objectives.

4.   Providing strategic leadership through the provision of innovative, professional and technically competent support services.

5.   Providing strategic leadership to ensure effective planning and scheduling, and the timely design, production and despatch of all study materials and institutional materials adhering to quality and other specifications agreed upon.

6.   Providing strategic direction regarding the effective planning and rendering of protection services inclusive of physical security, campus control, occupational health and safety compliance, emergency planning and preparedness, fire safety investigations and technological/electronic security aids.

7.     Providing strategic leadership pertaining to the safety and security in line with legislation including the Occupational and Health and Safety Act, Environmental Management Act, Municipal bi-laws dealing with Fire prevention, Disaster Management Act and the Criminal Procedure Act.

8.    Ensuring the physical security and safety of the corporate and regional facilities, property and equipment, and the employees of and visitors to the Institution.

9.   Formulating strategy cost implications that are linked to Institutional budgeting processes.

10.  Coordinating and driving preparation of the Portfolio’s budget for Institutional approval (including funding budgets and Initiative budgets).

11.  Directing and overseeing the funding of Portfolio operations and budgeted activities.

12.  Overseeing and monitoring portfolio expenditure within budgeted parameters and reporting on variances periodically.

13.  Providing leadership regarding the compilation and management of the budget for the Portfolio.

·         Academic Excellence

1. Ensuring the Infrastructure Masterplan, provision of study material and safety and security support the provision of teaching, learning, research and student support for an ODeL environment.

      2.  Facilitate the speedy provision of resources to expedite the implementation of the ODeL Business Model

Inherent Criteria

·         Qualification

A Master's degree appropriate to a lead role in operations and facilitiesWell-equipped to transition and enhance existing physical assets for the on-going rollout of sophisticated technological advances. This includes project-specific planning, development, implementation and management as it would apply to a large and complex institution's infrastructure.

Professional registration through a relevant body.

·         Experience

A minimum of 10 years' pertinent experience that allows old infrastructure to make way for a new and exciting 4IR future.

Your experience includes at least 5 years in a senior management role.

·         Change Leadership/ Management

·         Leading and Supervising

·         Politically Savvy 

·         Strategic thinking


·         Stakeholder Management

·         Communicating (oral and written)

·         Collaboration and Teamwork

·         Achievement Focused

·         Innovation and creativity

·         Rule orientation

·         Problem Solving

·         Analysis

·         Resilience / perseverance / stress management

·         Conflict Management


·         General management and strategic leadership

·         Facilities Planning

·         Safety and Security

·         Printing and Logistics

·         Corporate governance

·         Supply Chain Management

·         Negotiation and conflict management

·         Change management

·         Performance management

·         Stakeholder relationship management

·         Financial management

·         Relevant legislation

Application Requirement

Ø  A letter of motivation.

Ø  A comprehensive CV.

Ø  An abridged CV.

Ø  Names and contact details for at least 3 referees.

Ø  Certified copies of matric and degree certificates and Identity Document.