Job Details

  • Reference number: 8032029
  • Province: Western Cape
  • Type of engagement: Permanent appointment
  • Posted: January 13th

Background to Position


University of the Western Cape -> Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic -> Academic Planning Unit


Main Campus - Bellville, WC ZA (Primary)

Job Description

Role Clarification & Key Performance Areas

The purpose of this role is linked to the ongoing improvement of processes for monitoring and evaluating the quality of programme delivery, student experience and student performance. This role focuses on the delivery, management and evaluation of academic programmes, including quality improvement and enhancement. The Teaching and Learning Specialist: Programme Delivery will assist with all aspects of programme quality, including the design and implementation of UWC policies designed to improve student success, student experience and the quality of learning, teaching and assessment.

We are inviting applications for the role of the Teaching and Learning Specialist: Programme Delivery in the Academic Planning Unit reporting to the Director: Academic Planning.

Key Performance Areas:

·         Participate in the development of (INTERNAL) UWC policies and procedures related to curriculum and assessment;

·         Lead ongoing implementation and review of UWC policies related to student success, curriculum renewal and transformation, assessment, learning, teaching and graduate attributes;

·         Provide academic support in the management and review of programmes; 

·         Participate as required in academic reviews, programme reviews and curriculum review activities that support EXTERNAL (CHE) review and audit processes;

·         Provide academic support in the achievement of good governance of qualifications in line with institutional and national policy;

·         Assist APU in monitoring and evaluating student performance, the quality of the student experience and the health of UWC’s academic programmes;

·         Undertake institutional research in priority areas related to the quality of the academic project, student experience and student success;

·         Attend relevant committee and board meetings and maintain relationships with faculty with regard to the quality of the academic project and delivery of the curriculum; and

·         Assist the Director: Academic Planning Unit and DVC: Academic with specifically designed tasks and/or projects in order to enhance the quality of the academic project at UWC.

Inherent Criteria

Minimum Requirements

·         Masters degree (at Lecturer rank)

·         PhD (at Senior Lecturer rank)

·         Experience in quality assurance in higher education, particularly pertaining to programme delivery, management and evaluation

·         Excellent planning and organising skills, with the ability to monitor and review; problem-solving abilities and communication skills.

Application Requirement

In your application, you are encouraged to highlight your strengths and also include anything else that you feel may be pertinent to the selection panel. Please attach your covering letter, a detailed curriculum vitae and highest qualification to your online profile.

To be considered for this vacancy, you must click on the Apply for this Job link below or apply directly via UWC Careers at

For any queries, please contact the Human Resources Department at +27 21 959 4063/9763/9708/3551/3756

EQUITY DISCLAIMER: In line with the University's commitment to diversifying its workforce, preference will be given to suitably qualified applicants in line with Employment Targets of the University. The University reserves the right to not make an appointment, make an appointment at a different level, seek additional candidates and may conduct competency assessments.

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