Job Details

  • Reference number: AP1005
  • Province: Gauteng
  • Type of engagement: Fixed term contract
  • Posted: February 15th

Background to Position

The EBMTC AA Head is to provide vision, leadership, and overall operational direction to the organisation, develop and put in place strategic objectives for the organisation, including the positioning of EBMTC AA in the public space, growing the organisation as a leading developer of artisans, and establishing a business model of financial sustainability. The EBMTD AA Head works closely with the MIC Board in getting governance support and wider sector backing for current operations and new initiatives.

To ensure success the new incumbent should have a clear understanding of MIC’s core values and culture. Qualifying candidates will be exemplary leaders and have superb business acumen. 

Job Description


Underpinning the ‘commercialisation’ of this relatively new entity are the following key imperatives:

  • Operational (hands-on) leadership
  • Organisational profile building
  • Governance, compliance, reporting and risk
  • Financial planning, budgeting, and financial sustainability 
  • People and talent development 

Given the entity has an Accountant and is further supported by Board Members, Ms Cynthia Pongweni (CA [SA]), MIC’s CFO and Thato Ntseare (CA [SA]), MIC’s Impact Investment Manager, it is not necessary for the incoming to be technically orientated, but rather to a have a well-developed grasp of financial management (P & L level), as it pertains to the entrepreneurial imperatives of the organisation.

As an astute business leader, the new incumbent will have a sound feel around market segmentation and how to market to this audience. Whilst the primary focus is on all working class individuals found in the mining sector s/he will also target the working class across all industries.

Currently, the focus is on individuals seeking training and development in the Welding, Boilermaking, Plumbing and Electrical fields. However, it is likely that training in the fields of Diesel Mechanics and Instrumentation will soon be introduced.

The training Occupational Health and Safety is part and parcel of the training listed above.

Given the integral interface of the organisation with the National Union of Mineworkers, the new incumbent must not only understand the union environment and its culture, s/he must also be politically savvy and have the ability to communicate at a working class level (where fundamental education might be lacking) to the highest executive level, especially as it pertains to stakeholder relations.

The subordinate team presently in place comprises a Financial Manager, Accountant, Training Manager, Skills Development Coordinator and a Company Secretary. It will be the responsibility of the new Head to assess adequacy of support, evaluate competencies and performance and, where necessary implement changes that equate to optimal operational efficacy of the organisation.

In terms of those imparting their technical knowledge to students, technical experts are recruited in on short-term contracts to deliver on a specific course. The efficacy of this process also needs to be evaluated, especially as the organisation gains purchase and is properly positioned in terms of future sustainability and profit.

In essence, this position requires a hands-on approach to fixing the challenges the organisation faces. Given the right resourcing, backing and the social needs this organisation has to its constituent communities, change is inevitable with the right leader in place. 

Inherent Criteria

Essential Criteria CEO:

  • A Degree serves as a bare minimum; however, a higher level of qualification would be preferred but is not essential. The qualification needs to be appropriate, but not confined to business management per se. For example, an Engineering qualification (or similar) in tandem with the right experience is equally acceptable.
  • 10 years’ experience of working in a similar leadership role, especially where change management has been a key component. Evidence of being ‘hands-on’ is necessary.
  • Ability to evaluate, train, develop and performance manage a small team is essential.
  • Ability to work with other institutional leaders and/or other executive teams is imperative.
  • Involvement in professional academic entities, is strongly encouraged, but not essential.
  • Business presence (strength of character) and the ability to be in control of emotions is a matter of high importance. Evidence of leading from the front is important
  • Track record of good administration, management and overall operational leadership needs to be highly evident.

Application Requirement

You are itching to stamp your energised and innovative mark on this incredible organisation and we are ready to get you there. Academic Partners Joint Managing Director, Vuyo Stiya and Head of Assessments, Genevieve Michel eagerly await making contact with you. In the first instance, please email them enclosing a short letter of motivation and CV.