Job Details

  • Reference number: AP1029
  • Province: Gauteng
  • Type of engagement: Permanent appointment
  • Posted: November 21st

Background to Position

UNISA is a dedicated distance Higher Education Institution which is funded by the Department of Education and Training in South Africa. In keeping with its mandate as a Comprehensive, Open Distance e-Learning (CODeL+) Institution, offering a variety of academic and career-focused programmes, UNISA is inviting applications for the position of Director: UNISA Press.

UNISA Press forms part of UNISA’s Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation and Commercialisation portfolio. The Director, as an accounting officer of the Press is required to advance the strategic goals, academic objectives and the management philosophy of the University. The incumbent reports to the Vice-Principal: Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation & Commercialisation (VP: RPSIC) and provides strategic leadership to the Press.

Purpose of the Job:

The position of the UNISA Press Director is to direct and oversee the execution of the UNISA Press policies, strategies, plans, programmes, systems process and procedures in accordance with relevant legislation and in alignment with Unisa 2016-2030 Strategy and ODeL Business model.

Job Description


KPA 1: Strategic Direction and Alignment:

  • Developing the operational plan and key performance indicators in support of the Directorate’s strategy, and in turn, in support of the institution’s overall vision and strategy for scholarly publishing and research dissemination,
  • Interpreting policies to lower levels and ensuring alignment with the Directorate’s operational plan,
  • Driving and directing the development of the Directorate’s operational plans and objectives in line with the directorate strategy, plans and objectives in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Driving and directing the development of the Directorate’s annual performance review,
  • Forging relations with the University’s various portfolios, regions, colleges and departments, to ensure alignment with other institutional plans and processes including the relevant catalytic areas,
  • Developing best practices, strategies to build on and constantly refine a comprehensive vision for the directorate,
  • Providing strategic direction and leadership in the directorate’s growth and customer service in line with the directorate’s operational plan and strategy,
  • Initiate and implement national, continental, and global collaborations,
  • Providing direction in the Directorate’s area(s) of specialisation
  • Stakeholder engagement including media marketing.

KPA 2: Operational Leadership

  • Providing tactical and operational leadership regarding all operations of the Directorate,
  • Contributing to the development of policies,
  • Overseeing the publication, marketing and sales of scholarly books and journals, 
  • Forging relationships with relevant functional units to ensure production, marketing and selling of research outputs, journals and books,
  • Support the creation of a conducive academic and scholarly publication environment, including the intentional capacitation of the M and D graduates through publication,
  • Oversee the management of daily operations and activities of UNISA Press,
  • Lead the market research activities and marketing of UNISA Press and its products (mainly books and journals).

    KPA 3: Forecasting, Budgeting and Financial Management

    • Provide prudent financial management undertakings by ensuring that sound policies, standards and practices are adopted for optimal utilization,
    • Managing the Directorate’s resources efficiently, effectively, economically and in accordance with the relevant principles and policies of Unisa,
    • Ensuring the establishment of financial sustainability through a green Institution-wide culture,
    • Ensure sustainable sources of income by maximising research dissemination and diversified income. 

          KPA 4: People Management

          • Ensuring and monitoring that all staff in the directorate are orientated to the organisation, trained, skilled, retained and that their expertise is optimally applied,
          • Ensuring a high-performance culture in the directorate through taking accountability for an effective and well-articulated performance management process,
          • Establishing a positive, healthy and safe work environment and culture in accordance with the Transformation Charter,
          • Fostering an organisational culture and climate that is ethical and value driven.

          KPA 5: Governance and Reporting

          • Monitoring and reporting on progress against operational initiatives,
          • Monitoring and reporting on legislative and statutory compliance as defined by government,
          • Compiling regular reports to Senate, Council, its committees and other relevant structures,
          • Develop and implement the risk and compliance framework for the directorate in line with UNISA’s Compliance Universe, principles and culture,
          • Present to the VP: RPSIC monthly reports on risk and compliance issues including any recommendations,
          • Monitoring the implementation progress of action plans designed to correct incidents of non-compliance or potential issues in policies, systems or employee conduct. 

          KPA 6: Contract Management

          • Oversee the Directorate’s author, editor and commercial contract development, and management activities and enforce organizational principles of integrity and compliance,
          • Serve as the primary directorate’s contact during contract negotiations,
          • Engage relevant internal and external stakeholders in negotiating decisions involving legal and regulatory requirements, contract standards and cost targets,
          • Maintain deadlines on deliverables and communicate them on an ongoing basis with business partners and internal clients about contractual issues,
          • Review contractual performance of both parties to ensure compliance with terms of reference and to identify conflicts or changes requiring resolution at contract renewal

          Inherent Criteria


          • Minimum Master’s Degree and registration with relevant professional body where applicable.


                • Minimum 10 years of relevant Higher Education or Scholarly Publishing work experience,
                • Minimum 5 years of management experience,
                • Minimum 3 years of publishing work experience

                Application Requirement


                • A letter of motivation.
                • A comprehensive CV.
                • An abridged CV.
                • Names and contact details for at least 3 referees.
                • Certified copies of matric and degree certificates and Identity Document.
                • Proof of SAQA verification of foreign qualifications, where relevant.

                To apply please forward your application quoting reference number AP1029 to Genevieve Michel