Job Details

  • Reference number: ING01/131/0523
  • Province: Western Cape
  • Type of engagement: Permanent appointment
  • Posted: May 29th

Background to Position

Stellenbosch University


Faculty of Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering


Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in the 4th Industrial Revolution (Focus: Internet of Things) (PhD Candidate)

Ref. ING01/131/0523

The Departments of Industrial and Electric and Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University offers leading educational and research programmes in several fields,including advanced manufacturing, data science, machine learning, sensor systems, 

control systems, systems modelling and operations research. The Department of Industrial Engineering intends to grow its research and training in the fast-moving field of connected systems and the Internet of Things, including the industrial systems 

as part of the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), with a focus on topics such as smart factories, smart agriculture, advanced manufacturing technologies, and value networks enabled by digital technologies such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of 

Things, and the Internet of Systems.


A Lecturer / Junior Lecturer position has become available in the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Department is therefore looking for an excellent candidate to fill this position. The intention is for the incumbent to become a specialist 

academic in the field of connected systems and the Internet of Things, with deep knowledge of 4IR.


The position is aimed to appoint a young (less than 40 years), BCIA or white female South African citizen. If not already registered for a PhD, the incumbent will have to register for his/her PhD degree (part-time) in the Department of Industrial 

Engineering (Stellenbosch University) at the first available opportunity after joining the Department.

The incumbent will be appointed in accordance with the regulations of the new Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and will be required to enroll for and complete a PhD as part of 

this appointment.


The position comes with substantial support from the DHET. The appointment is also subject to the conditions as set by the DHET and must be read in conjunction with the nGAP requirements of the DHET ( see ).

Job Description


Teaching and administration of mainly IoT and 4IR undergraduate and postgraduate modules;

Supervising final year engineering projects and postgraduate (Master's) students in the field of IoT and 4IR advanced design and manufacture;

Performing basic and/or applied research focused on research areas relevant to IoT and 4IR advanced design and manufacture;

Collaborating with existing research partners within the Faculty and building contact with other universities, industry and government organisations to promote research and development programmes in the IoT and 4IR advanced design and manufacturing fields within the Faculty;

Performing supportive, administrative, and representative roles within and outside the Department;

Self-development during the NGAP period as a doctorated engineering academic in the field of IoT and 4IR.

Inherent Criteria

Job Requirements:

  • Applicable Bachelor's degree in Engineering (typically BEng or BScEng) in Industrial, Mechanical, Mechatronics or Electronics, as required by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) to qualify for registration as a professional engineer;
  • An appropriate NQF 9 research based Master's degree (typically MEng or MScEng) in Industrial, Mechanical, Mechatronics or Electronics from a recognised academic university;
  • Clear verbal and written communication skills in at least English;
  • The potential to teach courses and modules as part of the typical undergraduate engineering programme as described in the duties above;
  • A solid knowledge of and experience in the field of the technologies in one or more fields relevant to 4IR as described in the introduction above;
  • A strong academic track record;
  • Good interpersonal and organisational skills;
  • Proven research skills demonstrated, for example, in a research based Master's degree.

IMPORTANT: A cover letter must also be submitted, detailing how the candidate satisfies each of the above requirements.

Additional requirements for Lecturer post:

  • An applicable PhD in Engineering or at least three years' relevant industry or research experience in one or more fields relevant to IoT and/or 4IR as described in the introduction above;
  • Proven record of project planning, execution, and management;
  • Supervision of postgraduate students/co-workers in research/industry projects.

IMPORTANT: if applying for the Lecturer level position, the cover letter must also detail how the candidate satisfies each of the above additional requirements as well.


  • Registration as a candidate or professional engineer;
  • Previous tertiary teaching experience at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level;
  • A high level of independence and self-motivation;
  • The ability or experience to function in a multidisciplinary environment.

Additional recommendations for Lecturer post: 

  • Presentation of research/projects at relevant conferences/workshops;
  • Successful acquisition of at least one major research grant/contract to support own research/project activities;
  • Critical thinking and innovation skills;
  • Planned/developed improvement manufacturing strategies relevant to 4IR as described in the introduction above.

Application Requirement

IMPORTANT: To help the panel in assessing your suitability for the position, please include a cover letter, detailing how you believe you meet the requirements for the position, and whether you satisfy the recommendations.Enquiries regarding this post: Prof. C. Schutte on 021 808 3617, or at regarding remuneration/benefits, as well as technical assistance with the electronic application process: Human Resources Client Services Centre on 021 808 2753, or at

Commencement Date:   1 July 2023

 Closing Date:               5 June 2023

Stellenbosch University is committed to employment equity (EE). In accordance with the institutional EE Plan of the University and that of the specific environment,only South African citizens from the designated groups will be considered for appointment.

Stellenbosch University reserves the right not to make an appointment.

 Apply online at

Your application, comprising a comprehensive curriculum vitae (including the names and email addresses of at least three referees), must reach the University before or on the closing date of the advertised post.

The University reserves the right to investigate qualifications and conduct background checks on all candidates.


The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires people in occupations that entail potential exposure to certain hazards (such as, but not limited to: noise, hazardous chemical substances and hazardous biological agents) to be subjected to medical 

screening, to determine their fitness to work in the said occupations.


Should no feedback be received from the University within four to six weeks of the closing date, kindly accept that your application did not succeed.

About Stellenbosch University

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