Job Details

  • Reference number: IT/187/0623
  • Province: Western Cape
  • Type of engagement: Permanent appointment
  • Posted: June 30th

Background to Position

Stellenbosch University

Information Technology Division

Director: Institutional Software Solutions (Job Level 5)

Ref. IT/187/0623

Stellenbosch University (SU) is looking for an experienced IT Director to oversee all software and applications technology functions in our University. The incumbent will oversee the Institutional Software Solutions (ISS) team and manage the software portfolio, applications portfolio, API's and integration, operations, as well as the implementation of new IT systems and policies in these and related areas at Stellenbosch University. The Director: ISS reports to the Chief Director: Information Technology.

Information Technology (IT) is a service division which enables SU to achieve its goals through the optimal use of information and communication technology (ICT). The ISS team is responsible for enabling and supporting the University's software and applications portfolio. In addition, the team also operates competency centres for mission critical systems for the University. This is done in collaboration with other professional service divisions and IT teams. The support is not limited to technical support, but also includes specialised advice and input on strategy, digitalisation and automation, as well as on the optimal use of systems, software and applications across the University.

The ISS team, together with the other IT teams, contributes to the value chain of the IT Division and the overall IT Digital Strategy. The ISS team, within the IT value chain, manages relationships, is involved in business analysis for software and applications, develops software where required, maintains the software application portfolio over the long term, integrates software applications and systems, is involved in sourcing software solutions through the procurement process, supports software solutions by monitoring, configuring and managing incidents and problems impacting the ISS area and architects data where required.

An excellent IT Director is very knowledgeable in IT, computer systems and digital transformation. The incumbent must have a solid technical background while being able to manage and motivate people. The incumbent will be experienced in creating and implementing IT policies and systems that will meet objectives using well governed yet fluid methodologies. The goal is to ensure IT systems and people are effective and functioning within the limits of budget, time and specifications of the University.

Job Description


  • Guiding the IT strategy and policy development, planning and budgeting for the Software Application Portfolio, in line with the University's strategy and ICT Digital Strategy;
  • Managing and facilitating planning and decision-making to modernise, renew/replace and retire software applications in alignment with the IT Digital Strategy;
  • Leading and facilitating the change in software deployment and sourcing;
  • Facilitating project prioritisation by institutional stakeholders and within the IT Division;
  • Guiding strategic software solution implementation projects in collaboration with institutional stakeholders;
  • Promoting, establishing, maintaining and reviewing the institutional software investment and funding model;
  • Liaising with institutional software stakeholders within the University, peers, and with vendors and consultants;
  • Advising University management and the IT Division on software application roadmaps and digitalisation opportunities in accordance with the institutional strategy;
  • Providing leadership and management to the ISS team;
  • Organising the ISS section and establishing and maintaining the necessary capabilities so that it can fulfil its mission. Ensuring that ISS capacity is adequately and sustainably funded to fulfil its mission.
  • Key processes: ITIL change management; DevSecOps; Incident and Problem management; Software Development Lifecycle, and other legislation and standards as per the IT Governance Framework found within the IT Digital Strategy;
  • Key capabilities as per the IT value chain of delivery as per the IT Digital Strategy: software development; vendor and contract management; business analysis; application architecture; data architecture; integration; relationship management with clients and stakeholders; demand management and prioritisation; and effective service delivery.
  • Ensuring that skilled people are recruited, retained and developed, and are deployed in the correct roles;
  • Ensuring that ISS's services meet the needs of the University as agreed per the IT SLA's of the IT Digital Strategy;
  • Developing and managing internal service level agreements (and/or OLA's and ULA's) with the customer's divisions, competency centres, students and staff;
  • Assisting the Chief Director: IT on achieving the set outcomes required of the IT: ISS Division/Unit;
  • Identifying and managing the strategic and operational risks of the ISS portfolio;
  • Promoting cooperation and engagement across the value chain of the entire IT Division;
  • Facilitating and enhancing communication with the senior management of the University and all stakeholders;
  • Expanding cooperation with other universities in alignment with the Chief Director: IT's stakeholder communication and engagement plan.

Inherent Criteria


  • An appropriate NQF 8 qualification (four-year bachelor's degree; honour's degree, postgraduate diploma) in Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and / or related fields, AND at least ten years' proven experience in a senior IT management position or similar role; OR
  • An appropriate NQF 9 qualification (master's degree) in Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and / or related fields, AND eight to ten years' proven experience in a senior IT management position or similar role;
  • Senior management experience in leading a software portfolio team or software development team. Senior experience in demand management capacity prioritisation for a software and applications team to manage voluminous requirements coming into the IT Division;
  • Senior experience in Agile, PMBOK and hybrid methodologies of Agile and PMBOK solution delivery;
  • Senior experience in DevSecOps embedment in a software and applications team;
  • Senior experience in cloud solutions for a software and applications environment;
  • Senior experience in technical architectural alignment and optimisation of technical solutions, API's and integration platforms;
  • Excellent at building and maintaining good stakeholder relationships;
  • Excellent at building and maintaining value adding vendor partnerships;
  • Customer-centric and approachable in order to build a positive rapport between IT and its stakeholders (i.e., staff and students);
  • Excellent analytic, technical and people skills for leading a team that supports software and applications for the University;
  • Experience in working with senior stakeholders and on the level of supporting a Group CIO/Chief Director;
  • Experience in analysis, specification, evaluation and implementation of IT systems;
  • A sound understanding of computer systems, applications and software, networks and services, including cloud services;
  • Experience in controlling an IT budget;
  • Excellent organisational and leadership skills;
  • Outstanding communication abilities and interpersonal skills.


An appropriate Business Management qualification (in addition to the technical qualification/s stated above) is preferred;

Experience of managing a Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service environment.

Application Requirement

Enquiries regarding this post: Amanda Ernstzen on 021 808 4140, or at

Enquiries regarding remuneration/benefits, as well as technical assistance with the electronic application process: Human Resources Client Services Centre on 021 808 2753, or at

Commencement Date:  1 September 2023

Closing Date:         3 July 2023

The University is committed to employment equity EE, and appointments will be made in line with the EE Plan for the specific environment as well as SU's institutional EE Plan.

Your application, comprising a comprehensive curriculum vitae (including the names and email addresses of at least three referees), must reach the University before or on the closing date of the advertised post.



The University reserves the right to investigate qualifications and conduct background checks on all candidates.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires people in occupations that entail potential exposure to certain hazards (such as, but not limited to: noise, hazardous chemical substances and hazardous biological agents) to be subjected to medical screening, to determine their fitness to work in the said occupations.

Should no feedback be received from the University within four to six weeks of the closing date, kindly accept that your application did not succeed.

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