Job Details

  • Province: Other
  • Type of engagement: Fixed term contract
  • Posted: April 12th

Background to Position

Three decades on and Academic Partners continues to lead in the field of higher education senior recruitment. This is thanks to their innovative style of talent acquisition, ABAC competency assessments, behavioural profiling, intuitive reference checking techniques and an unbelievably loyal team – home grown and elevated to the young executive they are today.

Renowned for their start-up projects, like the University of Botswana's School of Medicine, the Inaugural Botswana International University of Science and Technology and more recently, UNISA's standalone Thabo Mbeki School of Public and International Affairs, it is no wonder they have again been called upon to assist in a multiple recruitment project.

Job Description

On your appointment, you will undergo thorough training – theoretical and on-the-job training, while support will come from a seasoned team of practitioners.

Inherent Criteria

Academic Partners' reputation has been built on its ability to know the inner workings of each of its 28 university clients. Generically, this is called Institutional Knowledge. Wherever you may have gained this experience, it is a crucial underpinning component of this appointment.

Your institutional knowledge, together with your Master's degree, recruitment experience in the HE sector and your spirited approach to learning new techniques, will see you under serious consideration.

Application Requirement

Have you got what it takes?

Are you ready to join this journey of success?

Please provide Genevieve Michel, Academic Partners Head of Assessments with a short letter of motivation, together with your CV to