Job Details

  • Reference number: AP1104
  • Province: Eastern Cape
  • Type of engagement: Permanent appointment
  • Posted: July 1st

Background to Position

LOCATION: uMthatha

To provide a leadership and strategic management in the various aspects of institutional support services at the Walter Sisulu University. This will include, Student Affairs and Development, Marketing and Communications, Operations and ICT, and University Enterprises.

Job Description

KPA 1): Strategy alignment and execution

  • Actively supporting the Vice- Chancellor and Principal in the leadership and management of the University.
  • Ensuring the effective implementation of the University’s Vision 2030 mission, vision, values and strategic objectives.
  • Directing effective management of the following portfolios:

          Marketing & Communications,

          Operations and ICT,

          Student Affairs,

          University Enterprise,

          Collaborating with other executive portfolios to facilitate achievement of

          portfolio and institutional objectives. 

KPA 2): Policy Management and Governance Support

  • Leading effective policy development in support of high-impact outcomes of all areas under the Portfolio.
  • Leading effective policy management across all areas under the Portfolio.
  • Assisting the Vice-Chancellor in reporting to Council and other oversight structures on Portfolio outcomes, impact and its effective management.

KPA 3): Resource Mobilization, Growth & Diversification

  • Leading innovative processes to augment and diversify WSU’s 3rd stream income sources in line with Vision 2030 goals.
  • Leading establishment of effective instruments to secure, preserve and sustainably grow Walter Sisulu University’s basket of 3rd stream income resources.

KPA 4): Operations Management

  • Leading the effective, efficient and high-impact management of all areas under the Portfolio in line with WSU 2030 goals.
  • Leading the modernization, including introduction of smart (automated and digital) support and service delivery systems and services to enable high quality delivery of performance outcomes of all areas under the Portfolio.
  • Leading high levels of service delivery outcomes to all areas under the Portfolio.

KPA 5): Quality Assurance and Risk Management

  • Leading development and implementation of effective of quality assurance systems to support performance outcomes of the Portfolio.
  • Leading effective implementation of risk management processes to ensure mitigation and adaptation.

KPA 6): Integrated Administration and Systems

  • Leading the effective integration and process management of all functions under the Portfolio and its articulation into WSU’s institution-wide management and administrative systems.

KPA 7): Resource Management: People

    • Managing senior staff including Senior Directors and Directors.
    • Playing a leading role in the recruitment of senior staff in all sectors.
    • Supporting the achievement of equity targets in a changing staff profile and the transformation of the University culture.
    • Developing a well-functioning performance management system.
    • Taking responsibility for new staff induction.
    • Taking responsibility for performance agreements for all staff.
    • Chairing monthly departmental meetings:       

             Leave administration and management within the Portfolio.

    KPA 8): Resource Management: Budget, Finance and Assets

    • Leading effective development and management of budget to achieve Portfolio performance outcomes.
    • Leading efficient utilization of plant, property and other assets to drive Portfolio performance outcomes.

    KPA 9): Partnerships and Collaboration

    • Leading in securing high-value partnerships and collaborations within the WSU community, including inter- faculty, cross-departmental and cross- campus stakeholders to facilitate achievement of Portfolio performance outcomes.
    • Leading in securing symbiotic partnerships and collaborations with the Eastern Cape Province with communities, private and public sectors to facilitate achievements of Portfolio performance outcomes.
    • Leading in securing national and international partnerships and collaborations with private and public stakeholders to facilitate the achievement of Portfolio performance outcomes.

    KPA 10): Monitoring, Evaluation (M&E) and Reporting

    • Leading development of effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems and processes to support the Portfolio performance outcomes.

    Inherent Criteria

    Minimum Qualifications

    • A master’s degree, preferably in Business Administration/Business Leadership (MBA/MBL) or Financial Management.
    • A Doctoral degree in the above disciplines would generally be an added advantage.

    Minimum Experience

    • Senior executive experience of at least ten (10) years in a Corporate Services environment.
    • Demonstrable track record managing a diverse portfolio of a comparable size and complexity.
    • Leadership capacity with a proven track record in the management of support services.
    • Solid resource mobilization, networking and deal-making expertise.
    • Track record in working with complex and diverse teams to pursue shared goals.
    • Strong strategic planning and budget management expertise.
    • Solid understanding of higher education, political economy and change management.

    Application Requirement

    • A letter of motivation.
    • A comprehensive CV.
    • An abridged CV.
    • Names and contact details for at least 3 referees.
    • Certified copies of matric and degree certificates and Identity Document
    • To apply please forward your application quoting reference number AP1104 to Genevieve Michel c/o